End the Year by

Sharing Jesus

Jesus is the greatest gift the world has ever received, but so many people still don’t know about him. End 2020 in the best way possible by giving a gift to ensure that people get to hear about the Savior this Christmas.


Kids Outreach

Our goal is to share the truth and love of Jesus with everyone everywhere — and that includes children. But children need to hear the gospel in a way they can understand. Provide kids outreach materials and introduce Jesus to the youngest hearts on the planet.

Give 100 pieces for $5


New Testaments

Not all languages have the Bible fully translated, but many have the New Testament available. You can let new believers read Jesus’ words for the very first time by giving them a New Testament written in their heart languages.

Give 20 New Testaments for $12



God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths. Can you imagine following Jesus without it? Unfortunately, many believers around the world are still praying for a Bible of their own. Give a believer a Bible so they can finally hold God’s Word in their hands.

Give three Bibles for $25



Pioneer missionaries traversing their nations need a fast and economical way to travel. A motorcycle is the perfect solution. Help pioneer missionaries take the truth and love of Jesus to the farthest corners of their countries by giving them a motorcycle for Christmas.

$1,100 each (4 needed)



Together is how we like to do things at Every Home for Christ. Outreach takes teamwork, and you can give wheels to a whole team when you provide a vehicle to send them on their way. Team up with friends to combine your resources and bless an Every Home office.

$20,300 each (3 needed)

$50 suggested

New Works

Right now, we’re exploring opportunities to open new works in Portugal, Finland, Micronesia, and a few nations that are closed to the gospel­ — but we need you! You can help launch Every Home works in these nations by giving and praying so that the truth and love of Jesus can spread everywhere.

$10,000 each (6 needed)

*Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Editions and models of items used on the field will vary.