Gospel Stories

We believe in the power of testimony.

When stories are shared about the feats of God and the overcoming of believers — like we read in the Bible — hope and faith grow. There’s an invitation to believe that if God did it then, he can do it now. And he is moving now all around the world, which we witness daily in more than 150 nations. These books are an invitation to look what God is doing, and see how Jesus changes everything.

Our prayer is that you are inspired by these Gospel Stories.


Paradise Lost And Found

“This seemed like the last place on earth where local churches could be planted and flourish. But God did not forget this people.”
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When Fear Meets Faith

“The mission: for every person in Siberia to hear the truth and love of Jesus. The distance: to the ends of the earth.”
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Solomon Islands

Mountains of Mystery

“The breaking of the huge healing stone by a divine lightning bolt was one more outward sign that a powerful stronghold of Satan had been broken.”
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Zaire (DRC)

People of the Trees

“It is, quite simply, the world’s most horrible way to die. The virus is called Ebola Zaire because it was first traced in 1967 to an outbreak along the Ebola River in northern Zaire.”
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