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Discovering Jesus Through Stories

Can you imagine trying to follow Christ without the Scriptures? How would you learn to know his voice without the stories of his Word? How would you be formed and transformed in his image without the Bible?

Around the world, access to the Bible is limited by countless factors. Legal restrictions, social pressures, translation availability, and a lack of literacy or education are just a few of the things that can keep entire communities from engaging with the Bible in meaningful ways.

For Every Home ministries, that’s where The Discovery Method (also known as Be Fruitful and Multiply or BFAM) comes in. The Discovery Method is Every Home’s curriculum for biblically based discipleship for every tribe and tongue on earth. Carrying Christ to everyone, everywhere, in every generation doesn’t end with the delivery of good news; it’s a lifelong commitment to the spiritual transformation of entire communities. The Discovery Method is one of the primary tools our teams use to see that happen.

The Discovery Method is rooted in stories, following the pattern of formation Jesus used with his first followers. It’s a method that plants the seeds of Scripture deep in the hearts of believers, yielding fruits of connection, transformation, and hope. It gives everyday believers access to the stories of the Bible, regardless of their language, proximity to a formal church leader, or ability to read. The Discovery Method multiplies faith in ways only the Holy Spirit can inspire.

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Some of my own most profound encounters with Scripture have come through The Discovery Method, and I hope you will take time to experience this method as well. When you support Every Home teams with a gift for The Discovery Method, you are multiplying access to the Bible for believers around the world. I can dream of no greater gift.

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