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2021 Every Home

Annual Report

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Table of Contents

We Believe in Every

Every Prayer (1 Timothy 2:1–4)
Every Believer (John 20:21)
Every Place (Acts 5:42)
Every Method (1 Corinthians 9:20–23)
Every Person (Matthew 24:14)

161,265,267 people encountered the truth and love of Jesus through local believers in 2021!

But that’s just part of the picture. Thousands of churches banded together to equip hundreds of thousands of believers to share the gospel and connect over 700,000 new believers to Christian fellowship. To see the big picture, click here.

Highlights From the Field

Case Study #1: Creative Access

Thinking Inside the Box

As hostile governments in Creative Access nations put increasing pressure on believers, one man endures two days of interrogation to seize hold of an unexpected gospel opportunity…

Case Study #2: Eurasia

The "Afternoon" of European Christianity

Days before war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, our Eurasian Continental Leadership reflected on evangelism, persecution, and the future of the Church in Europe. Now, their words ring still more true…

Case Study #3: Papua New Guinea

Seeing the Gospel

Our ever-changing world demands rapid adaptation. In Papua New Guinea, Aaron Nikki is demonstrating that the gospel can move powerfully through something as small and simple as a bag of rice…

Case Study #4: Guatemala

The Pastor and the Prodigals

This moving story from our new ministry in Guatemala (launched 2021) shares how God heard an abandoned child’s cry and sent a believer to search for her and her lost parents…

We Start and End (and Repeat) With Local Churches

Every Home for Christ exists to share the truth and love of Jesus with everyone, everywhere by serving local churches all over the world. Introducing someone to the gospel is only the beginning of their journey and ours. Every Home’s vast network of local believers and churches impacts hundreds of millions of people by sharing the gospel, discipling new believers, training local Christians for evangelism, equipping local churches to transform their communities…and more!

New Individuals Connected to a Church: 781,300
Baptisms: 66,646

*Potential People Impacted = the global total of individually calculated national sums of (average household size per country x gospel presentations in homes) + “other” gospel presentations in that country.

Total Gospel Presentations
Gospel Presentations at Homes
Other Gospel Presentations
Christ Groups Planted
Positive Responses
Bibles (or NTs) Distributed
Recipients of Aid
Churches Participated (Monthly Average)
Mobilized Believers (Monthly Average)
Pioneer Missionaries (Field Staff)
Outreach Materials Distributed
Church Equipping Materials Distributed
Christians Trained

Financial Stewardship Report

A Word From the CFO/COO

Partnering with a ministry should not be done lightly. It’s an act of faith to entrust your resources to another, believing — often without seeing — that your contribution will serve your shared cause. In our case, that cause is the saving love of Jesus.

I want you to know that we take your trust in us seriously. We know that we are merely stewards of your contribution, and we do all we can to ensure that your generosity makes the greatest possible impact for the kingdom.

It is this conviction that sends 92% of your gift to the mission field — significantly above the 75% industry standard. It is this conviction that drives us to audit our international offices, ensuring that the resources you provide are used with integrity to share the truth and love of Jesus with the world. And it is this conviction that drives us to report to you regularly and thoroughly about the work being done and the lives being changed because of your generosity.

We have created this annual report in that spirit. As we celebrated our 75th year of ministry, you partnered with Every Home teams in over 150 nations, equipping believers and churches with outreach training, gospel literature, and discipleship materials. As a result, we saw 17,561,416 positive responses to the gospel in 2021. That’s something we did together.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say Thank you. Thank you for entrusting us with your partnership. Thank you for equipping your brothers and sisters around the world. Thank you for changing lives through the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every Home for Christ staff member

Tim Middlebrook
Every Home for Christ

2021 Financials

Every Home for Christ
World Literature Crusade

Founded in 1946
Charter Member of ECFA since March 1, 1980

Fiscal Year 2021

Total Income
Total Expenses
Total Liabilities
Net Assets

Every financial decision is made in light of how our resources can best be used to reach and disciple more people. We steward these gifts with much thought, prayer, and consideration.


FY 2019

FY 2020

FY 2021

Total Expenses

We are so grateful for every person who generously gives to help the gospel go farther and reach more every year. View our 2021 Financial Audit.

Learn more about how your gifts can change lives in 2022.

“When Joshua had reached a venerable age, God said to him, ‘You’ve had a good, long life, but there is a lot of land still to be taken.’”

(Joshua 13:1, The Message)

As we reflect on 2021 and look forward to 2022, we cannot help but acknowledge that our Every Home family is living out our mission as never before. We are in a pivotal, historical moment for our ministry and global evangelism. Reflecting on this season, our International President, Dick Eastman, and our President-elect, Tanner Peake, offer wisdom from the past and hope for the future.

A Message from Dick Eastman

Dear Friends of Every Home,

As your partner in this beautiful mission, it is an honor to share this annual report with you. It offers a snapshot of the fierce commitment to the gospel vision embodied by our global teams, but primarily it is a testament to what God is doing.

How tremendously blessed are we to be called to this mission at this moment?

We are so grateful for the many ways friends like you have answered God’s call to “go and make disciples,” using your compassion, prayers, and resources to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth.

We are in a unique moment, a pivotal scene, in our ministry and even in the global story of missions. In 2021, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Every Home for Christ. Dee and I, incidentally, have been a part of this vision for 46 of those years! We have seen many changes as the ministry has grown dramatically, pioneering new methodology, technology, and evangelistic strategy — but always on our way to reach “the last home” with the gospel!

This past year, for example, God has raised up bold leaders to launch Every Home works in some of the world’s most hostile nations. Our Eurasia continental unit’s collaborative spirit enabled them to establish the unity that now empowers them to respond to the war in Ukraine. Using innovative methods, including digital and in-person tools, we are forging ahead to bring the gospel to “all and every.” One thing that really encouraged me regarding our long-standing work in Ukraine (30 years) is that before this terrible war, the Every Home Ukraine ministry reached more than 33 million homes and followed-up on over 1.3 million responses. All glory to God!

The world we minister in now is vastly different from the world 75 years ago, or even two years ago. Our mission and each person who has responded to God’s call to participate in it are uniquely suited to this moment in history. As we see in Eurasia, the breadth of our ministry equips us to respond immediately to any crisis with the truth and love of Jesus. Our trusted local leadership firmly roots our pioneer missionaries within the cultures where they minister. The methods our teams have developed and implemented in response to COVID-19 prepare us to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

God called us for this time. I praise God that he called all of us at Every Home for Christ to serve alongside you.

For the Harvest,
Dick and Dee Eastman

A Message from Tanner Peake

Dear Friend,

As we prepare this annual report, we are navigating extreme circumstances in Eurasia. Our ministries in the region are adapting and responding to warzones, a growing refugee crisis, and economic devastation. This is heartbreaking.

Yet — in a way that only makes sense in light of the gospel — I am filled with hope. It’s a Christ-centered hope for the healing of all creation, rooted in the fellowship of God’s people.

As participants in the vision of Every Home for Christ, we are part of a fellowship of people who refuse to look away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters. Ours is a society of believers who run into warzones, who house refugees, who feed the hungry, who carry each other’s burdens, who embody the love of Jesus in every way possible in response to a fractured, aching world.

Although significant, the war in Eurasia is only one crisis in one region of the world. Every Home ministries and teams across the globe respond with this same heart and commitment to every crisis, every instance of human suffering, and every need for Jesus everywhere on earth. From personal moments of heartbreak to pandemics and wars, we are there to witness the love and redemptive power of Christ. We are there in the crises that do not capture the attention of the world, present — like Jesus — in the suffering of those who are regularly overlooked and left behind.

We are present to “all and every” with a stubborn hope: hope in Jesus that all creation will be made new in him.

This same hope swells in my heart every time I think of you. I am encouraged by the reality that you are part of our fellowship. You share our heart. You carry our commitment. You sacrifice for the sake of “all and every.” You are actively responding to the suffering of a world longing for Jesus. Your partnership extends far beyond financial support; your communion with us multiplies hope for the life of the world.

In this report, you’ll find our finalized statistics for 2021. You’ll also notice a new visualization of our activity for the year: a “full circle” of ministry impact. While this circle represents numbers that are impossible to capture in entirety, it is a valuable visualization of the holistic nature of our work. It depicts the dual nature of our vision: to serve the local church and to reach everyone, everywhere. (You can read more about what this means here.)

Together, we are entrusted with a calling to keep moving toward every person, everywhere on earth, with the eternal hope and healing of Jesus. On behalf of our global fellowship, I extend our deepest gratitude for your faithful partnership in response to this call. From generation to generation, we will carry the hope of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

For everyone, everywhere,
Tanner and Bethany Peake

Truly Global

In 2021, despite the fracturing forces of earthquakes, wars, and the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we bore witness to the truth that we are held together in Christ.

Additionally, we launched new works in four nations in 2021 and have our sights on eight more in 2022!

It is God’s love that propels us to the ends of the earth, his provision that sustains this mission until the task is completed for his glory. It’s our conviction that wherever there is a beating heart, we will go. We won’t leave anyone behind.

*Every Home is currently active in more than 30 Creative Access nations.

If 100 Christians represented all of global Christianity…

In 2021, we paid close attention to shifts and trends in church growth around the world so that we can better serve the church globally by truly empowering local men and women to lead ministry in their communities. Our commitment to understanding the local church on a global scale allows us to adapt and grow the reach of the gospel for every nuanced cultural context, everywhere.

Today, the largest demographic of Christians is women from the Global South.


26 Africa
24 Latin America
23 Europe
15 Asia
11 North America
1 Oceania


47 Catholics
22 Protestants
15 Independents
11 Orthodox
5 Unaffiliated

Gender Inequality

55 Low
34 Moderate
11 High


11 Illiterate
89 Literate


26 Under 15
64 15-64
10 64+

Safe Water Access

86 Yes
14 No


16 Spanish
10 English
8 Portuguese
5 Russian
3 Mandarin
2 French
2 Tagalog
2 German
2 Polish
50 Other


65 Urban
35 Rural

Internet Access

53 Yes
47 No

Secondary Education

65 Yes
35 No


19 > $100 a day
63 $10–$100 a day
18 < $10 a day


5 Have Malaria
95 Do Not


66 Adequate Access
34 Inadequate Access

Our vision is that every person on earth would have a genuine opportunity to respond to the truth and love of Jesus.

Our mission is to serve the Church by equipping and mobilizing believers to participate in sharing the truth and love of Jesus with every person and home on earth.

We share the truth and love of Jesus with everyone, everywhere by serving local churches all over the world.

All and Every — Through

The Local Church and the Every Home Vision

God loves everyone, everywhere. It’s why we are committed to taking the gospel to every nation, every home, and every person.

We call this the Oikos Initiative — a movement to reach every family and home on earth with the truth and love of Jesus within a single generation. We’re three years in, and there’s no place we would rather be.

In Matthew 24:14, Jesus says,

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” (NKJV)

The population of the world is projected to surpass 8 billion people in 2024. Don’t think of this as just a staggering number. Picture newborn babies and great-grandfathers. Imagine tribal leaders, university students, single mothers, and powerful entrepreneurs. When you picture the people, you clearly see the mission.

We have begun a once-in-a-generation marathon to reach the last home on earth. Every Home for Christ (along with many other organizations in the Oikos Society) is committed to this challenge — but it takes more than the commitment of a few well-intentioned individuals to make a plan succeed. We need resources, both spiritual and physical.

Annual Report Archives

Click to download our 2020 Annual Report.

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