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Believers Make It Possible

Carrying Christ to everyone, everywhere, in this generation: that’s the Oikos vision. And it’s enormous. It’s a vision that requires us to rely on the grace of God and the global family of his people like never before.

Yet, no matter how audacious Oikos may be, I believe it can be done. Here’s why: every month, an average of 457,228 believers are participating in Oikos.

That’s 457,228 people who believe it can be done—their collective faith circling the globe in a network of hope. That’s 457,228 people whose faith compels them to action. That’s 457,228 people who are commited to prayer and carrying Christ to their neighbors in practical and meaningful ways. It’s 457,228 people who are engaged and empowered to love their worlds.

When Oikos is complete, it will not only mean that Christ has been carried to everyone, everywhere. The fulfillment of Oikos will also mean the Church around the world is inspired and empowered to carry Christ in ongoing ways—unified, filled with love, and compelled to action that brings redemption. That’s something worth laboring toward.

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Thank you for joining us as we work together toward the Oikos vision. It will take every believer on the planet, and that includes you! Your prayers, support, and participation in loving your world are vital.

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