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2022 Every Home

Annual Report

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Every Home for Christ

At A Glance

Our Purpose:
to carry Christ to everyone, everywhere, in every generation

Our Mission:
to inspire and empower the Church to carry Christ to their world

an initiative launched across the ministry of Every Home for Christ in 2019—our purpose, at scale, with a generational timeframe—to carry Christ to everyone, everywhere, by 2038

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We are a global network of local catalysts.
In 155 nations, we have local leaders who are committed to carrying Christ to everyone, everywhere. They build networks of local churches, leaders, and believers who will join them.

We inspire and empower the Church to carry Christ to their world.
Our local leaders inspire and empower local churches, leaders, and believers through visionary partnership, trainings, and resources.

People carry Christ to their world.
Local churches, leaders, and believers create and participate in practical plans to carry Christ to their communities in contextualized and meaningful ways. They ensure no one gets left behind. 

Connection and Redemption
We witness the Lord at work: people respond to Christ, learn more through discipleship, and engage in the fellowship of his family.

Who We Are

We are a global network of local catalysts.

*Every Home is currently active in more than 30 Creative Access nations.

What We Do

We inspire and empower the Church to carry Christ to their world.

Mobilized Believers per month in 2022

Monthly Mobilized Believers in:

Prayer = 277,859
Outreach = 116,044
Giving = 26,750
Admin = 3,247

“Mobilized” = trained, equipped, and sent

Partnering with

Churches Monthly

2019: 10,203


2020: 8,239


2021: 12,498


2022: 17,890



Total Church Engagement Materials Distributed

2022: 8,835,938


Total Christians Trained

2022: 1,225,309

2019: 811,873


2020: 709,290


2021: 1,265,594


2022: 1,225,309


What Happens Next

People carry Christ to their world.


Total People Impacted (potential)

2022: 436,264,624


Total Gospel Presentations

2022: 189,402,253

Total Gospel Presentation Breakdown

  • 437,366,509 homes reached
  • 106,622,760 in public
  • 7,735,509 at events/concerts
  • 63,837,279 engaged digitally
  • 3,913,078 reached by mail


Total # of Individuals Receiving Gifts/Aid

2022: 770,356

Total Outreach Materials Distributed

2022: 240,600,415

Transformative Results

Connection and Redemption
We witness the Lord using and multiplying the work of our hands.


Total Positive Responses

2022: 17,591,303

2019: 15,337,597


2020: 16,407,865


2021: 17,561,495


2022: 17,591,303



Total Bibles/NTs/Discipleship Materials Distributed

2022: 26,934,844

One Bible icon represents one million resources distributed.


Total New Christ Groups Started

2022: 26,442

Christ Groups are started where a local church doesn’t exist.

2019: 26,599


2020: 18,080


2021: 25,303


2022: 26,442



Total New Individuals Connected with a Church or Christ Group

2022: 729,463

From the President/CEO

At Every Home for Christ, we love stories. We pay attention to the stories of what’s happening in the lives of real people and communities as a result of our ministry activity around the world. We also care about sharing those stories with you because you play a key role in them by partnering with us. Authentic testimonies of the Lord’s work in the lives of people all over the planet bring us together. They cut through our denominational divides and theological disagreements to remind us of the one thing that matters: our shared calling to carry Christ to everyone, everywhere, in every generation. 

Yet stories aren’t the only way we look at this. We also pay attention to the numbers. The global Every Home fellowship is a community of “numbers people”: in over 150 nations, our local leaders are counting the actual cost of literally reaching every single person in their nations and communities—down to the one. That’s how we make sure we don’t miss anyone. 

Today, Every Home ministries around the world are compelled by the Oikos initiative: our commitment to carrying Christ to every person, everywhere, by the end of 2038. Oikos is a generational rally cry we launched across our ministry in 2019. Anchored in our belief that every single person is valued and dignified in the eyes of a God who is love, Oikos is a faith-filled willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure no one gets left behind.  

In this annual report, we’re using numbers to tell the unfolding story of Oikos as we report on ministry activity for 2022. We’re visualizing what it will take to carry Christ to everyone, how far we’ve already come, and the work that remains. We’re celebrating all that the Lord has already done, and we’re staying focused on what’s ahead—on who is ahead. We look at numbers because they represent real people. We count down to the one because the one is a beating heart with a longing soul in need of Christ. 

The story this tells follows the story of redemption. It’s the good news that God so loved the world, that Christ came to us, and that Christ builds and sends his Church into the world for the sake of all mankind. It’s the hope that he’s making all things new. Oikos is some small part of giving our lives to be part of that story.

We’re a global fellowship of local catalysts committed to seeing the story of redemption flourish in the Church. We inspire and empower the Church to carry Christ to their world. As a result, people carry Christ to their neighbors and communities in ways that make sense to them. 

Your impact in this story cannot be overstated. Because of you, believers across the globe are being inspired and empowered to carry Christ to their world. The global Church is growing in its redemptive capacity because your generosity means greater access to visionary partnership, training, and resources. Local believers are expanding their reach, taking responsibility to carry Christ to their circles. We’ll never be able to comprehend the impact of this work, but our trust in the Lord leads us to believe it’s changing the world according to his will.  

May you be encouraged and inspired by this report. On behalf of this global network of local catalysts of redemption—thank you. 

For everyone, everywhere, in every generation,
Tanner Peake
Every Home President/CEO

Financial Stewardship Report

2022 Financials

Every Home for Christ
World Literature Crusade

Founded in 1946
Charter Member of ECFA since March 1, 1980

Fiscal Year 2022

Total Income
Total Expenses
Total Liabilities
Net Assets

Every financial decision is made in light of how our resources can best be used to reach and disciple more people. We steward these gifts with much thought, prayer, and consideration.


FY 2020

FY 2021

FY 2022

Total Expenses

We are so grateful for every person who generously gives to help the gospel go farther and reach more every year.

Learn more about how your gifts can change lives in 2023.

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