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Be Fruitful and Multiply discipleship

The Bible is a story. It’s the story of God reaching out in love to people.

Jesus used parables during his earthly ministry, not only showing us truths, but how we can share those truths with others—by telling stories.

Every Home’s unique discipleship tool—The Disovery Method—reveals the truths of God’s Word for believers around the world.

What is The Discovery Method?

The Discovery Method was designed to make Bible stories come alive for everyone, regardless of background, language, literacy, or culture. For 76 years, Every Home has been carrying Christ to everyone, everywhere. That means finding creative ways to bring the hope of Jesus to places without written languages, established chruches, or trained pastors.

The Discovery Method is a bridge—powerful, easy to use, and accessible for everyone.

Why does it work?

The power of story is universal. Stories are part of every culture and tradition. Stories stick with us, making the truths of the Bible easier to remember and apply in real life. And people share stories every day, so it’s easy to talk about what you learn with others!

In 2023, 21 million people responded to the gospel as a result of Every Home’s ministry! That’s a lot of people who need discipleship! How do we answer their questions and help them grow in their faith?

The Discovery Method is available in twenty-seven languages. Its simple structure can be adapted to many contexts. Doreen Kabasomi, who oversees ministry in several African nations, shares that The Discovery Method is even used to train pastors who have limited access to formal seminary education.

Experience this resource for yourself and see how it’s used around the world!


Start with Prayer:

Ask God to speak through his Word.

Find Your People:

While you can use this method on your own, we recommend finding believers to share these stories with.

Take Your Time:

Resist the urge to rush through the questions. Focus on one story at a time and give it your full attention. Let the story and God’s truths unfold.

Use Your Imagination:

Picture yourself in the shoes of the characters.
Download Your Own Discovery Method

Testimonies of Transformation

“I had a chance to get training in The Discovery Method that changed my life. Before that, if someone asked me a question, I used to be afraid and reluctant. But now I answer with courage and confidence.”

Discovery Method ParticipantRestricted Nation

“Martin* worshipped his traditional gods since he was young. He came to our Discovery Method training center. After that, he accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. From that day, he became happier...because God delivered him.”

Every Home Team MemberRestricted Nation

“Since I’ve started this education, God has begun his work in my life. God has transformed me…Before, when I would pray, I was unable to understand God [or] the deep mystery of his Word. Since I’ve started to pray, fast, and understand the meaning of God’s Word, I feel incomplete in my heart whenever I don’t pray. All thanks to God.”

New BelieverRestricted Nation

Help believers around the world become disciples of Jesus.

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