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The Poetry of Prayer

Prayer is something like poetry. We can’t quite get our minds around what it is or why it works, or even what it means for it to “work.” It bypasses our logical brains and seizes our hearts and souls, drawing us into the presence of God.

In prayer, we find endless invitations to participate in the divine work of redemption in our world. We find connection to the heart of Christ and to each other. We find hope. Prayer compels us.

That’s why prayer is vital to the Oikos Initiative. It’s central to the mission of Every Home. It ties together this global network, spanning over 164 nations, as we do whatever it takes to carry Christ to everyone, everywhere, in every generation. It keeps us moving forward, together.

We see the fruit of it. Right now, we’re on track to carry Christ to 9 billion people by 2038. Since launching Oikos five years ago, we’ve already seen Christ carried to 2.2 billion people.

But the work is only going to get more challenging. The global population is growing. Corners of the world are growing more hostile to the gospel. We need more prayer!

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Will you join us in prayer this month? When you pray for the Oikos Initiative, you become part of this worldwide community carrying Christ to every person on the planet in mysterious and profound ways. Your prayers make a difference in ways seen and unseen.

Thank you for being part of Every Home’s Oikos Initiative. We couldn’t do this without you.

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