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Older generation smiling man

A t Every Home for Christ, we want to take the gospel to every person on earth, including those who are otherwise overlooked. Regrettably, the elderly are often forgotten by society — but they aren’t forgotten by us! In every corner of the world, the truth and love of Jesus is reaching people later in their lives, and they are being saved!

Asia: Papua New Guinea

Papa Laki met the Every Home team through his son, Reverend Matthew Ian. Energetic in his old age, he joined the team on a gospel outreach and guided them to all the homes in the Kagua district. When the team asked Papa Laki how he felt about their ministry, he told them that he wishes he had known about Every Home for Christ when he was younger. Regardless, he is committed to sharing Jesus for the rest of his life.

Older Papua New Guinea man
Papa Laki guided an Every Home outreach through the Kagua district of Papua New Guinea.

Africa: Liberia

Mr. Arthur Johnson first heard the gospel at 26 years old, but he never fully responded to it. Fifty-nine years later, an Every Home team met Mr. Johnson while doing outreach. They explained the gospel to him using a visual chart called “The Story of Two Voices,” and he finally understood God’s love for him. Mr. Johnson’s life was changed at 85 years old! He put his faith in Jesus and was baptized.

Americas: Chile

Vilma was raising her grandchildren because their parents were addicted to drugs. When her son’s friend Cristian invited her to join an Every Home outreach, she told Cristian that she had never heard the gospel before herself. Vilma had only known dysfunction, poverty, and violence in her life, but when she read the Every Home gospel literature Cristian gave her, the truth and love of Jesus filled her with new hope. Vilma gave her life to Jesus and now partners with Every Home. “There are other people like me, waiting for answers,” Vilma says. “I want to reach them so that they really know God like me.”

Eurasia: Albania

Antoneta is a 70-year-old widow who lives on the outskirts of Tirana. When the government required the elderly to stay at home because of COVID-19, Antoneta was cut off from her community. Her medication ran out, and she had no one to help her. Lonely and afraid, she cried out to God. A neighbor alerted the Every Home team to Antoneta’s situation, and they immediately went to visit her. Antoneta was so relieved to receive their help, she couldn’t stop crying. Then the team shared the gospel with Antoneta, and she accepted Jesus as her Savior. Now, she is secure, both in her home and for all eternity.

Young Albanian missionaries
Young people are helping to care for the elderly of Albania.

Creative Access: #41

At 71 years old, Ochmaa had been a Buddhist for her entire life. But when the Every Home team came to her house, she confessed to them, “As I age, I have started thinking about death and if there is a life after.” The team shared the good news with Ochmaa, and she put her trust in Jesus. They rejoice that Ochmaa has finally found the truth “in her golden years.” (Name changed for security.)

We are filled with a sense of urgency when we think of how many people are nearing the end of their lives without Jesus. But we are filled with a sense of hope when we think of friends like you who partner with us to make sure that they have the chance to know Jesus before it’s too late.

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