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Prayer Maps

Pray for the transformation of your neighbors and the nations. Download your free prayer map today! We have a world prayer map, a United States prayer map, and a children’s prayer map.

Prayer Watch Live

Prayer Watch Live gives you access to prayer requests straight from the front lines of the global evangelism movement. Get prayer requests from real-life pioneer missionaries ministering in some of the hardest and darkest places on earth.

Global Prayer School

Let the Global Prayer School be your guide as you explore prayer’s vast horizons, discover its hidden treasures, and inspire others to begin their own prayer journeys.

Daily Prayer Watch

Get a monthly prayer calendar in your inbox with real-world prayer requests from our pioneer missionaries around the world.

Gospel Stories

Hear stories of transformation from all over the globe in a quick-read, mini-book format.
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Full Circle

by Tanner Peake
Seeking to embody Christ’s love in daily life? It’s about finding our distinct purpose. “Full Circle” guides readers to discover their unique circles and heed their calls. Through touching tales from diverse backgrounds, journey into the depth and intricacy of a life lived larger than oneself. Delve into purpose, embrace your circle, and redefine life’s true calling.

Talking With God

by Dick Eastman
Derived from the renowned “The Hour That Changes the World,” this book provides structured teachings, scriptures, and actionable prompts to enrich your prayer life. Embrace deep intercession, silent surrender, and recognize the transformative potential of focused prayer. Change your world, one prayer at a time.