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World Prayer Map

Free Prayer Maps

We believe the local church can bring hope to a world in desperate need of it. God invites his people to pray, serve, love, and share the gospel with others. This has been the plan since Jesus told his followers to go and tell everyone, everywhere. The first and most crucial component is prayer, which is why we created these free maps. Thank you for partnering with us by praying for the world!

Maps are currently only available to ship to addresses in the United States.

Free Gospel Stories

Hear stories of transformation from all over the globe in a quick-read, mini-book format. Each book’s captivating writing and stunning photography take you to a unique location in the world to hear the full, inspiring story of how God is changing lives and whole communities.  We’ll send a copy free of charge for you to enjoy and share with your family.

Paradise Lost And Found


“This seemed like the last place on earth where local churches could be planted and flourish. But God did not forget this people.”
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People of the Trees

Zaire (DRC)

“It is, quite simply, the world’s most horrible way to die. The virus is called Ebola Zaire because it was first traced in 1967 to an outbreak along the Ebola River in northern Zaire.”
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Mountains of Mystery

Solomon Islands

“The breaking of the huge healing stone by a divine lightning bolt was one more outward sign that a powerful stronghold of Satan had been broken.”
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A Battle of Perseverance


“We continue, knowing that we are not alone. God is working with us and with our people, even through the suffering, through the pain, and through the tears.”
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God Knocked On My Door


She opened the door and ran back outside to see if the family was still there, but they were gone. “It was as if God knocked on my door and said, ‘I heard you. I am here.’”
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