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by Dick Eastman

Prompted by a friend to describe Jesus as he is — not as he was or will be in the coming days — Dick Eastman found himself stammering. What followed over many months was a desire to get to know the Jesus who had changed his life, but in a much fuller and richer way — now!

From then on, on scraps of folded paper in his pockets, Eastman found himself recording adjectives describing the nature and character of Jesus Christ, expanding them later into a personal devotional journal. Reflecting Eastman's spiritual journey, this book of insights will challenge you to see Jesus as you may never have seen him before. Eastman's approach to studying the nature and names of Jesus will bring you closer to your Savior. Each day of this enriching 31-day resource consists of Scripture, a short exposition, insights from Christian leaders, a prayer, and a practical application to help deepen your faith. You, too, will find Jesus awesome!