World Prayer App

Bringing the hope of Jesus to a world in desperate need starts with praying. The World Prayer App helps you explore the world and set your own personal schedule to pray for every nation.

“Prayer is the divine equalizer. Some preach, others teach, a few sing publicly, but all can pray.”

– Dick Eastman


World Prayer App
  • Customize how many nations per day you want to pray for and change it at any time!
  • See how many other people have prayed for a specific nation each day.
  • See up-to-date prayer requests and learn more about the ministry of Every Home in each nation.
  • Explore the world using the interactive map, or search for a country by name.
  • Learn about people groups, languages, population, Bible access, and more.
  • Share the countries you’re praying for with your friends.

We also have free prayer maps available in print!
• World Prayer Map
• United States Prayer Map
• Children’s Prayer Map

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