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Eurasia Crisis Response

Your brothers and sisters in Eurasia are already in motion, responding to a rapidly developing, complicated crisis.

Due to the perpetually changing nature of this crisis and increased security risks to our brothers and sisters serving in this region, we cannot disclose their names or locations. Each leader, family, and team faces unique, heart-rending challenges. Some have fled their homes; others are preparing to receive and shelter refugees. Families have been forced to split up. The growing volatility of the situation poses serious risk to ministry activities and presents enormous obstacles, yet Every Home teams are racing into the fear, pain, and uncertainty with the comfort and hope of the gospel. They report that anxiety, uncertainty, and enormous humanitarian need are visible everywhere, and they are gathering resources to respond to critical physical and spiritual needs.
Together, we can shine the bright light of Jesus’ truth and love that is bigger than earthly borders and conflicts.

Will you support your brothers and sisters serving in Eurasia?