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In 2023, 21 million people responded to the gospel as a result of of Every Home’s work! What happens next for these new believers?

Every believer needs access to the Bible and relationship with other believers. We created The Discovery Method to help everyone, everywhere understand and apply God’s Word, regardless of background, literacy, or culture. Now you can experience this powerful resource used by Christians in over 100 countries!

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Help Millions Overcome Obstacles to Learning About Jesus

Imagine being a new believer without God’s Word or a local church. We need discipleship. We need the Bible. It’s the “light to our path” (Psalm 119:105). But some Christians live in areas without a local church or where being a Christian is dangerous. They need a simple, easy way to study God’s Word.

The Discovery Method uses beloved Bible stories to make God’s truth easy to understand. Discipleship groups and house churches use it around the world. It’s even used to train pastors who don’t have access to formal seminary education.

Together, we can make disciples of all nations!

The Bible Made Easy

Choose a Bible Story. The Discovery Method can be used for personal study or with a group.

Read the story. Reflect on nine key questions.

Apply God’s truth to your life.

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Testimonies From the Field:

“I had a chance to get training in The Discovery Method that changed my life. Before that, if someone asked me a question, I used to be afraid and reluctant. But now I answer with courage and confidence.”
A Believer in a Restricted Nation