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Transform 20 Million Lives

By January 28, 2024No Comments

We have a plan to transform 20 million lives.

Imagine the ripple effect.

One passionate family, empowered with the right tools, can sow 52 seeds of Jesus’ love and truth in their neighborhood. That’s 52 lives touched, 52 hearts awakened to Christ’s call, all thanks to your $5.​

The Love Your Neighbor Kit isn’t just a curriculum or a box of tracts. It’s a launchpad! Inside each kit, 12 believer’s packs feature creative, practical resources to disciple and equip believers of all ages to share Jesus’s life-changing message with their neighbors in genuine, relevant, and most importantly, joyful ways!​

​It’s a revolutionary way of equipping pastors, congregations, and families and transforming communities in 32+ countries—not with door-to-door sermons, but by building genuine relationships, showing Christ’s love through kindness, and planting seeds of faith that will blossom for generations.​

We’ve seen the transformation firsthand.

  • Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Mexico: “Over 200 church members mobilized to share Christ. Families restored, children welcomed back! Sister Catalina leads a discipleship group born from Love Your Neighbor.”
  • Guaricano, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: “Shy Rosanna blossomed, sharing Christ with neighbors, leading 12 to discipleship. Church attendance doubled in a year! Love Your Neighbor ignites youth evangelism explosion.”
  • Ciudad Bolívar, Bolivar, Venezuela: “Joanna, given 3 days to live, found hope and healing in Christ. She left her vices, saying, ‘I haven’t strayed from the Lord’s ways since December.’ Love Your Neighbor teaches forgiveness and transforms lives.”

The impact is incredible.

Every Home has set a goal to equip 240,000 families around the world, reaching 20 million people with the gospel in 2024. Your $5 fuels this movement.​

Ignite 52 souls with the truth and love of Jesus for just $5!

How far will your $5 go?

Your gift of $5 can equip a family to be a beacon of light in their own community..​.
Donate today, and share Christ with 52+ hearts by sponsoring 1 family.

God calls believers, urging us to share his love.
This kit empowers believers to respond through tangible action.

What's inside the kit?

Leader's Guide

Shows leaders how to use the kit to equip their churches.

12 Believer's Packs

• 52 Engagers (gospel literature to share)​
• Prayer Map
• Study Guide​
• Commitment Card

400 Engagers

For pastors to equip the entire church for seasonal outreach events.​

Together, let’s light up the world with the love of Christ, one neighborhood at a time.​

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