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Tanner Peake and Dick Eastman

“To Tanner ‘every person counts’ and we especially must reach those living in the margins of society.”

– Dick Eastman

I am writing you this brief note to share something exciting happening at Every Home for Christ.

A young man named Tanner Peake has been instrumental in our leadership over the past decade — but his work has been largely behind the scenes. Now, as Tanner steps into the key role of Executive Director for Every Home for Christ, I want to introduce him to you officially.

As Executive Director, Tanner provides leadership to our global leadership over our 189 ministry offices (in 152 nations) directing some 8,000 supported staff in the field. In fact, Tanner is the one who first envisioned the Oikos Initiative, our ministry’s goal of reaching every home on earth with the Good News of Jesus within a single generation — 20 years! Tanner has an amazing personal testimony of how an obscure country preacher visited his grandfather’s home (which was really a rundown shack) in remote Montana during a howling blizzard in 1950 to lead his grandfather to Jesus. That visit, decades ago, impacted generations to follow, including Tanner Peake. Tanner now passionately desires to see the gospel go to every home on earth (and, indeed, every person) through the Oikos Initiative — just as it was carried to his grandfather’s shack in that blinding blizzard years ago.

This audacious vision, the Oikos Initiative, flows from Tanner’s passion for every person to have the opportunity his grandfather had to encounter Jesus. (Oikos, incidentally, is the New Testament Greek word for “house,” “household,” and “family.”) To Tanner “every person counts” and we especially must reach those living in the margins of society. Tanner is passionate when he says, “No one must be left behind.” With his faithfulness and passion, Tanner now assumes this key leadership role as Executive Director of Every Home for Christ globally.

Tanner Peake and Dick Eastman
Tanner Peake and Dick Eastman.

As international president of this worldwide ministry, I want you to hear more and more from Tanner in the months to come. I can promise you will be wonderfully moved by his conviction that everyone matters! And you too matter! Your prayers and financial support help make all this possible.

I’m sure you’ll grow to love Tanner (and his dear and talented wife Bethany) as much as Dee and I do.

Yours for the harvest,

Dick Eastman

International President, Every Home for Christ

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