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Every, Even the Margins

Every Home for Christ has just opened a new chapter in our history. Last weekend, Dick Eastman was formally named Every Home’s chief prayer officer, and I succeeded him as president/CEO.  

When Dick recommended to Every Home’s board of directors that I succeed him as this ministry’s leader, I was profoundly humbled. I wondered, what can I offer to a ministry with such a rich legacy, audacious vision, and high caliber of leadership already established across the globe? 

Through the season of transition and still today, my assurance is in this: my soul will not rest until every person on this planet knows Christ. I am driven by a desire to see every beating heart know the healing, hope, dignity, security, and love we experience when we personally encounter Jesus. My heart agrees with the heart of this ministry.

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Every Home, including over 3,000 global staff and the average 200,000 volunteers who partner with us monthly, is always moving toward reaching every single person on earth, whether they live across the street or around the world. 

When we say “every,” we mean not just people who are easy to reach, but people on the “margins”—people who fall outside the traditional sphere of outreach and discipleship. We’ll never stop taking the gospel from home to home, but we’re always asking if there’s more we can do to ensure no one is overlooked or left behind. Where else can we go? Who can we see who might be invisible to the rest of the world? Sometimes margins projects look like caring for people with disabilities and their caregivers. Sometimes it looks like boldly loving those who have been abandoned by their communities. Sometimes whole people groups fall into the margins, isolated by language barriers, difficult terrain, or generations of oppression. And we go to them. 

You carry this passion with us. 

We’re empowering local leaders to share the Good News in ways that truly reach everyone. We surround them with prayer. Work in the margins is far from glamorous. A believer loading a canoe to travel to a village so forgotten that no one else believes it exists might be mocked. A mother insisting that children born with disabilities are precious might feel all alone in her fight against stigma and shame. In those moments when the work is challenging, your prayers for your brothers and sisters uphold and strengthen believers serving in the margins.  

Thank you for joining us. It is my honor to take up the mantle of leading Every Home with your prayers and support. 

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  • Christopher Chambers says:

    Praying for hearts to be softened, healed, & restored for Justin Lee Jenkins & I friendship family going to a wedding praying we’ll both Make peace with each other & restore what was broken in JESUS Name Amen.

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