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October Daily Prayer Watch

By September 29, 2020September 22nd, 2022No Comments
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People sometimes ask me why Every Home for Christ, a ministry focused on sharing the gospel, places such great emphasis on prayer. The answer is simple: You can’t evangelize without prayer. And nowhere is that fact more evident than in nations where persecution is prevalent.

Right now, there are Every Home ministries in 36 “Creative Access” nations. These are contexts where sharing the gospel is a dangerous undertaking. Every Home pioneer missionaries risk violence, arrest, and even death as they strive to share the truth and love of Jesus with their nations. These threats may be legal, coming from a nation’s government, or they may be cultural, coming from the community at large. In either case, Every Home teams put their security on the line for the sake of the great commission.

Knowing that you are supporting and interceding for them as they face these dangers encourages and emboldens these teams. Tom Rios, continental director over the MENACA region (the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia) has observed the importance of your support.

“I believe that intercession is probably the main way that those who are in the free world can engage with our brothers,” Tom shares. “We need to pray for the Church in these nations, that they will act with no fear because God is with them, that they will dare to do the impossible things.”

Please pray for the authorities in these nations to enact just laws. Pray for more laborers to go into these harvest fields. And pray that God would open doors for the gospel to spread. The obstacles our brothers and sisters face in Creative Access nations are many and severe. But “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).

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