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What comes to mind when you hear the word generations? What are you inclined to believe about the generations who came before you? What stereotypes might you hold about generations younger than you? How do you feel about your own generation?

As a society, when we talk about generations, we’re often focused on our differences or disagreements. We talk about the things that disappoint us, the ways they’re getting it all wrong, and the things they’ll never understand. We develop cultural attitudes toward each other in the echo chambers of our favorite news sources, influencers, and leaders. 

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Each generation has a unique set of shared experiences that results in its collective strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. We utilize these distinctives for both good and harm. We market to generational differences, study generational trends, and research through generational lenses. We let our generational markers divide us, or we let them spark curiosity and empathy within us.

Here at Every Home, though, we’re thinking about generations in light of our purpose: carrying Christ to everyone, everywhere, in every generation. In over 150 nations around the world, our local leaders are seeking to understand the unique needs and gifts of each generation. They’re considering how the gospel meets each generation in profoundly specific and relevant ways. As a community, we believe Christ offers hope and renewal to every generation.

We also believe every generation is uniquely called and equipped to carry Christ to their world. Our fellowship around the globe walks in the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before us. Over the last 76 years of ministry, several generations have built a firm foundation we never take for granted. We are also filled with hope as we watch new generations rising up behind us to carry the call of Christ. We value the new things the Lord is doing in and through them, and we see them bearing Christ in their worlds in beautiful, meaningful ways. 

We’re committed not just to reaching every generation, but also to involving every generation along the way. We know each generation carries an expression of Christ that is a gift to every generation before and after, and only when we come together will we truly experience the fullness of Christ. 

That’s why we’re so grateful for your partnership. It will take all of us, in every generation, to carry Christ to everyone, everywhere. 

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