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Oikos Update

In 2019, we launched the Oikos initiative: a generational rally to take the gospel to every person, everywhere on earth, in this generation.

For Every Home, Oikos started as a new generation’s commitment to the core purpose of this ministry: an initiative that meant we were serious about truly reaching everyone.

For me, Oikos started with a reckoning. I wanted to know what it would take, practically and spiritually, to reach the whole world. I measured every facet of our ministry and made estimates for every nation on earth, and in the end, I came up short. We might have reached everyone in the world, but it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime—and that wasn’t ok with me.

Oikos was my response: an invitation to our global Every Home fellowship to believe for something impossible and do whatever it takes to make sure everyone in the world encounters Christ in this generation.

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There have been moments when I did not know if Oikos would survive. During the early days of the pandemic, for instance, I feared the worst. Yet the Lord has sustained—and even multiplied—this vision. As we prepare to begin the fifth year of Oikos, we are on track to seeing everyone, everywhere encounter Christ. You’ll find a detailed update here. As always, what matters to us is not the monolithic story; it’s each person. Every number counts because every person is beloved, dignified, and eternally valued in the eyes of God.

Our eyes are open: the stakes are high. Oikos will only get more difficult, cost more, and be more complicated as we make our way to harder places on the planet. But this is a spiritual vision, and we trust the faithfulness of the Lord through the hands and feet of his people.

Thank you for continuing to join us in prayer through this daily resource. Together we will see every person in the world encounter Jesus.

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