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May Daily Prayer Watch

By April 25, 2022July 21st, 2022No Comments
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We write to you today with heavy hearts and both hands full. In one hand, we hold a desperate prayer for our brothers and sisters who live and serve in Eastern Europe. In the other hand, we hold hope. The gospel shines brightest against the backdrop of human brokenness. The people of God, our people, are racing into the danger and rubble, bringing the truth and love of Jesus to millions who are searching for a peace that supersedes war and surpasses understanding.

Our teams, not just in Russia and Ukraine, but in surrounding countries — Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Bulgaria — report that they are encountering, not just a new openness to the gospel, but an eager pursuit of it. People are approaching believers as they serve on the front lines, asking where their hope is found.

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And it’s not just Eastern Europe looking to the people of God. News and images of this war are inescapable; they hold the attention of the whole world. So, the eyes of the world are upon the people of God. How will we respond?

At the time of this writing, we are working to provide you with the most essential and relevant information about your family’s response to this dynamic, evolving situation. When you read this, the situation will likely be different, but it will not be solved. The humanitarian, economic, political, and spiritual impacts of this conflict will be felt for years. This is all the more reason to stretch the limits of our love.

Will you intercede with us for our brothers and sisters in Eurasia and for open hearts to finally meet Jesus?

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