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This year, we’re celebrating five years of the Oikos Initiative! 

As you read this update, I want you to grapple with the human impact. Every number represents a face, a name, and a story. Every success is a personal encounter. Every statistic is a mustard seed of faith that could move the needle on human history. There is profound hope to be found in the ripple effects of loving our world like Jesus does.

Human impact is what Oikos is all about. We’re not just adding to the noise. We’re carrying Christ—in our eyes, hearts, and hands—into the real lives of people who need him.

When you join this mission, you’re sparking real-life connections that catalyze the Church to Christlike action across the world. You’re making way for hope, healing, and freedom. You are making an impact on humanity.

Thank you for being part of Oikos. Together, we’ll see Christ carried to all creation.

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