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Where Is Your Focus?

Have you heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? Also known as “frequency bias,” it’s a cognitive bias describing our tendency to notice something more often after noticing it for the first time, leading to a false impression of the thing appearing with increased frequency.

It’s like when you’re shopping for a new car and suddenly you see the car model you hope to purchase all over town. The world around you hasn’t actually changed, but your awareness creates attention that changes your focus and experience.

I like to think about frequency bias in my walk with Christ: encountering him in a new way leaves me with increased focus to see him more where he already is—everywhere! Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder from a friend, and suddenly I’m seeing Jesus in many new places. I encounter him in the eyes of my neighbor, in the beauty of a sunrise, or around the table with my children. 

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The truth is that Christ comes to us everywhere we are, always longing to encounter our hearts. His presence—a presence that brings love, hope, and healing—is available to us anytime we turn our attention to him. This is the hope we hold and the good news we embody when we carry Christ to everyone, everywhere.

Every Home teams show up to people right where they are because that’s what Jesus does. We call attention to his presence everywhere, offering frequency bias like a gift so that our neighbors, communities, and nations might start seeing him everywhere, too. 

That’s why our teams are willing to do whatever it takes to carry Christ everywhere. And when you support them through your gifts and prayers, you are helping open eyes to Christ all around the world. I am so grateful for your partnership.

As you read this story from Mozambique, may you find yourself newly “biased” to see Christ in every place and to carry the good news of his presence to your world.

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