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Jesus Working in Real Life

By March 27, 2024No Comments
A boy smiles after being baptized

Jesus Working in Real Life:

Stories of Unfailing Love

by Every Home   |   March 27, 2024

Christians make big claims—free forgiveness, life-changing hope, everlasting life. How can we be sure? What proof do we have? The world literally depends on our answer.

We know the love of Jesus has the power to change hearts because it changed us! We know God is working miracles in the world because we see it happen in real life! That’s a testimony!

God’s Protection in Kenya’s Wilderness

This is a story of one pastor by the name of Sisi who met an elephant when he was traveling for an Every Home outreach. Pastor Sisi was riding a motorbike through the wilderness. He was alone and did not know that in front of him, elephants were crossing. When he saw them, he didn’t know what to do. The elephants were near him, and he was alone. No one could help him. The elephants saw him, and one elephant ran towards him. Sisi was very afraid and bowed his head to pray to God for help. The elephant stopped very close to his motorbike and went back running. When Sisi raised his head, to his surprise he saw that they had gone far away. He praised God for his protection and continued with his journey.

God’s Provision for a Despairing Heart

Even with Every Home’s cutting-edge technology, we rely on God to lead us to the people and places that need his love. God knows every human heart. His plan to reach the world is better than ours, and it often surprises us.

An Every Home team in Russia visited a community to share the love of Jesus and packages of food with families in need. They offered food to two women on the street.

“I don’t need it,” one of the women said. “But I know where you should go.”

The woman led the team to a house where an elderly man lived. When the team saw him, they “could read grief and pain from afar.”

The man’s wife had recently died. He’d begun to drink heavily and lost the will to live.

“We told him about the love of Christ, and the man opened his heart, praying with us,” our team says. “We thank the Lord that he always directs us to those who require help and salvation just at the point they need it most.”

God’s Peace in the Darkness of a Restricted Nation

This story comes to us from a woman in a nation where it is dangerous to be a Christian: “While sitting in my courtyard, I received an invitation from a neighbor to come to a Christmas celebration. He told me about Jesus, and I received Christ into my heart right then! Before I became a believer, there was darkness in my life. But after accepting Jesus, peace has come into my heart and into the hearts of my family members. I used to ignore my family, but when I came to know God’s love, I began to love them too.”

Support a believer as they share their testimony with their neighbors and bring the light of Christ to their world.
Will you help share the light and love of Jesus?

We share the love of Jesus because we know the love of Jesus. We can’t keep it to ourselves. It’s that simple.

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