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Hope for Today

Are you ringing in the new year with energy for new goals and resolutions? Or are you limping across the finish line of another year? Maybe somewhere in between?

If I’m honest, the state of our world today makes that “new year” feeling hard to come by for me. I am more aware than ever of the suffering in our world. Every day, we are witnesses to wars, disease, political discord, violence, and grief of all kinds—and that’s just what we see on the news. Each one of us is navigating a complex life of our own.

This is why stories like Diane’s, inside this newsletter, are so important. Here’s where the hope is: in the power of a single person carrying Christ to their world in an authentic, personal way. It’s everyday believers like Diane who are bringing healing to the world.

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Today, the people who are making a real difference in the world are not celebrity pastors or social media influencers. They’re not just the high-profile Christians with platforms or book deals. The real face of Christianity today is everyday believers carrying Christ to their worlds in the grit of real life. Simple acts of kindness. Walking with neighbors in suffering. Gathering for meals with lonely friends. Volunteering in local nonprofits to meet local needs. Giving resources to see Christ carried in communities on the other side of the world. Believers are the real conduit of Christ’s love in the world.

Whatever feeling a new year might bring you, I hope you are inspired by the story inside. Diane is adear friend whose experience is a constant reminder to me of the power of a single voice responding to the personal calling on her life—and the difference that simple response can make to countless souls.

May you find hope and inspiration to carry Christ to your world in the complexity of your everyday life in this new year.

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