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February Daily Prayer Watch

By January 28, 2022July 21st, 2022No Comments
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One of the best things about working for Every Home for Christ is that we get to know two incredible groups of people. One is made up of our global Every Home teams who are sharing Jesus’ love with families in over 150 nations. And the other includes you — the friends who partner with our teams by generously supporting the work they do. You live in different places, speak different languages, and have significantly different life experiences. But there is one incredibly important quality that you share with our teams around the world: a driving passion to share the Good News of salvation with people who don’t yet know Jesus. 

You share this passion because, despite your differences, you are all part of the Family of God. When you hear stories about our pioneer missionaries who work hard, often taking risks, to spread the message of hope, you’re hearing about your brothers and sisters in Christ. And when these teams make plans to reach out to the families in their nations, they do so in the confidence that they have the prayer and support of brothers and sisters like you. 

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Right now, Every Home for Christ connects you. But someday, when the Lord calls us home to take part in the incredible banquet he is preparing, we will get to sit together for a family meal and share the stories of how our lives, though geographically separate, were deeply intertwined by our love for the lost. 

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible family — not only the Family of God, but the family of believers who partner across borders and time zones to strive after the great commission together. 

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