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Love Anyway

Our world is filled with people who are forgotten in some way. Overlooked. Systematically sidelined. They are faraway people groups we hear about in church. They are communities with disabilities living in a world that wasn’t built for them. They are people experiencing homelessness or poverty in our cities. They are children without clean drinking water, the elderly in lonely nursing homes, or women in cultures where worth is based on gender.

These are not often the individuals or communities who make the cover of newsletters like this. Reaching them is expensive, time-consuming work that can require years from our teams around the world. Frankly, it’s not a good “return on investment.” It costs a lot to reach the people who are most forgotten.

Yet, this Christmas, I am stirred by the story of Jesus’s coming to remember the forgotten and to do whatever it takes to carry Christ to them, even if it’s costly—to give anyway. Jesus gave up everything to come to our world, to fully inhabit the human condition, and to offer us himself. He was moved by love. He gave anyway.

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This is what Every Home teams in over 150 nations are doing around the world, all throughout the Christmas season. They follow the example of Christ, moved by love to carry his presence to everyone, everywhere, no matter the cost. They give anyway. They go places other people and organizations won’t go. They give extravagantly so that every person on earth has a chance to hear the good news of Christmas.

This holiday season, as you remember the forgotten, I invite you to give anyway. When you support this mission, you bring light to those who are forgotten. You join us in the hope that by giving anyway, we’ll see Christ carried to everyone, everywhere.

May your Christmas season be filled with reminders that the forgotten places of your heart are also seen and held by Christ.

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