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It's Still Happening

Imagine you are lost. Alone. Shivering in the cold. Blinking against the darkness. Desperate to find your way home. Have you been there before? Can you feel it in your soul?

And then—out of nowhere—someone finds you. Brings you light. Gives you hope. Knows the way. Leads you home.

This is the Christmas story.

God in flesh, Emmanuel, arrives in a lost world. He finds us in the darkness. He opens our eyes by his light. He leads the way. He brings us home. And then he invites us to do the same for everyone we encounter.

Every year, we are invited to step into this story. Christmas is good news for all creation, and it’s still happening. Christmas happens every time the lost are found, every time light invades the darkness, every time hope takes hold in the hopeless. God is still stepping into a lost world to speak to people who are unseen, to answer the prayers of the weary, to comfort the suffering, to surprise the powerful, to embrace the outcasts.

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His invitation to you is to be part of it.

This Christmas season, I invite you not just to remember the Christmas story but to step into it. To support you, we have created a December calendar with prompts for prayer, reflection, and activities for you and your family. These are daily reminders that Christmas is not just a story we tell but one we participate in with our whole selves. We hope these simple moments will bring joy, connection, and light to your Christmas season.

May your Christmas season be filled with compassion for the lost, the hope of light, and the joy of being found.

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