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We’re thrilled to share a remarkable milestone with you!

Join us in celebrating the groundbreaking 5th anniversary of the Oikos Initiative—a bold expedition to embrace 9 billion souls with Jesus’s message of love by 2038.

Since 1946, Every Home for Christ has been on an incredible mission, turning dreams into reality by spreading the knowledge of Jesus’s love worldwide. We’ve overcome barriers and reached the farthest corners of the earth, using ingenuity and cutting-edge technology to share the gospel.

The launch of the Oikos Initiative in 2019 marked a new era of innovation. We harnessed the power of digital media, creative events, and heartfelt outreach to marginalized communities.

Our goal? To ensure Jesus’s message of love resonates in every home and touches every heart.

Take a journey through the first 5 years of Oikos below!

In 2019, the Oikos initiative began with 24,020 Christ groups planted and 16 million positive responses to the gospel.
As COVID-19 rocked the world in 2020, we developed new ways of sharing the gospel, including using digital media and providing aid to 3.5 million people. With 8,200 churches participating and 116,000 mobilized believers each month, our purpose was greater than COVID.
We celebrated 75 years of global ministry. That's 2 billion homes reached in 75 years! In 2021, we trained 1.2 million Christians, reached 104 million homes, impacted 441 million people, and distributed 5 million Bibles.
In 2022, Dick Eastman passed the baton of leadership to Tanner Peake after 34 years as international president. Tanner has served Every Home in many roles, most notably spearheading the launch of the Oikos Initiative.
Oikos reaches year five in 2023! 413,123 mobilized believers every month resulted in 20.5 million positive responses to the gospel. We're projecting 484,492,692 people impacted in 2023 alone!


The Oikos Initiative Begins

24,020 Christ Groups planted

16 Million positive responses received


Our Purpose is Greater Than COVID

As Covid-19 rocked the world, we developed new ways of sharing the gospel, including using digital media and responding to the crisis through aid.

8,200 churches participated

116,000 believers mobilized each month

3.5 million people received aid


75 Years of Global Ministry

2 billion homes reached in our 75-year history

IN 2021:
1.2 million Christians Trained

104 million homes reached

441 million people impacted

5 million Bibles distributed


The Baton is Passed to a New Generation

For 34 years Dick Eastman served as president, leading the ministry through incredible growth around the world. In 2022, Tanner Peake formally succeeded Dick as president. Since 2010, Tanner has served Every Home in many roles, most notably spearheading the launch of the Oikos Initiative in 2019.

155 nations with an active Every Home ministry


Oikos Reaches Year Five

20.5 million positive responses to the gospel received

413,123 believers mobilized monthly

Projected in 2023:
484,492,692 people impacted

The year 2020 brought challenges, but our commitment remained unshaken. Our continuing work through the COVID-19 pandemic became a testament to our resilience and creativity. We pivoted to sharing the gospel through radio, television, and online platforms. Our teams, filled with compassion, extended beyond spiritual needs, providing assistance, health education, and crucial supplies to those in crisis, all while radiating Jesus’s unwavering love.

“I thought we were too far from God. On the greatest of all days, new people appeared. I saw smiles on their faces. I knew they had good news for us. The story of Jesus was sweeter than our grandmother’s stories. We, the people of the mountain, have received Jesus Christ. It’s true, God loves everyone.”
—Taplain Syamuya, from a remote Zambian mountain, after a visit from Every Home.

The Oikos Initiative is an impossible vision made possible because of believers just like you. Even the smallest donation has a powerful impact.

$1 = 8 gospel presentations

Let’s do the impossible together!
Give to join the Oikos story and carry Christ to everyone, everywhere. 

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