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July Daily Prayer Watch 2021

By June 29, 2021July 21st, 2022No Comments
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The end of Matthew 15 tells the story of Jesus feeding over 4,000 people with a few fish and seven loaves. In the NIV, Jesus says, “I have compassion for these people… I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way.”

I like how The Message describes Jesus’ heart in this passage. It says Jesus “hurt” for these people. In the ESV translation, it says Jesus was “unwilling” to send them away. 

And yet, that is exactly what so many believers across the world are forced to do. It’s been said that Bible poverty is one of the greatest injustices in the world today. At Every Home for Christ, we’ve heard  multiple reports of new believers who treasure tattered pieces of old gospel literature because the Bible verses printed on them are the only pieces of God’s Word they have ever seen.

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The different words in these various versions of a familiar Bible story show us unique aspects of Jesus’ love — his compassion for human frailty and his unrelenting care. You echo Jesus’ heart in your commitment to reach everyone with the gospel and not leave anyone behind.

Each believer has particular gifts to give, words to say, and prayers on their heart to lift up. Around the world, believers live and speak testimonies to Jesus’ love. “The love of God is like this,” they say. It’s like prayers for the dying, encouragement for the hopeless, and food for the hungry. Every unique word, person, prayer, and gift is important because each one echoes the truth the world needs most: “Jesus has compassion for you, hurts for you, loves you.”

Now, you may be looking around and thinking, “What do I have that could make a difference?” The answer is anything and everything! The gift of loaves and fishes must have seemed so small against the crowd’s huge need. But that gift had a miraculous and eternal impact. We’re still telling the story. Your prayers and gifts have an eternal legacy, too.

Since the beginning of Every Home for Christ, faithful Christians like you have given what may have seemed like small gifts, but these have multiplied into thousands of gospel messages sent to fainting hearts around the world. God multiplies small faith into great change.

Thank you for echoing the heart of Jesus with your unique prayers and gifts.

For the harvest,

Dick Eastman
International President, Every Home for Christ

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