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Every Home for Christ

7 Highlights
from 75 Years

It’s Every Home for Christ’s 75th birthday, and we’re celebrating with a look
back at seven of our most favorite moments in Every Home for Christ’s history!

1946: Every Home Begins

Young pastor Jack McAlister launched the “Tract Club of the Air” (which later became World Literature Crusade and then Every Home for Christ) in Saskatchewan, Canada. Jack encouraged radio listeners to sponsor gospel literature campaigns overseas.

Jack McAllister on the radio

1953: Every Home Outreach

On a visit to Tokyo, Japan, Jack McAlister and his ministry partner Ken McVety were overwhelmed by how many people needed the gospel. In a time of prayer, they were inspired to take the gospel to every home, and the first “Every Home Crusade” was launched.

1960: The World Prayer Map

The first World Prayer Map urged believers to pray that the gospel would spread throughout every nation of the world. Prayer has always been a core value at Every Home for Christ, because when the Lord leads, impossible things happen.

1988: International President

Dick Eastman

Originally serving as the director of prayer mobilization, Dick Eastman was asked to be the international president of Every Home for Christ. While leading Every Home’s global work for over 30 years, Dick authored numerous best-selling books and originated the Change the World School of Prayer. He has even been invited to the White House by four different U.S. presidents.

2017: 2 Billion Homes Reached

Every Home for Christ has taken the gospel to over 2 billion homes worldwide! This milestone means that 2 billion families have been contacted by believers, 2 billion families now know the good news, and 2 billion families have been invited into an eternal relationship with Jesus. Praise the Lord!

The Oikos Initiative

2019: The Oikos Initiative

Seeing how quickly the world population was growing, Executive Director Tanner Peake envisioned the Oikos Initiative. Named after the New Testament Greek word for “home,” this strategic movement aims to reach every home on earth with the truth and love of Jesus in a single generation — 20 years!


Whether you’ve supported Every Home for Christ for decades or you’re brand new to the team, your partnership is a big deal. The prayer and support of friends like you is what equips pioneer missionaries, sends the gospel to homes around the world, and introduces souls to the Savior Jesus Christ. There is no Every Home for Christ without you. Thank you for making a vital difference.

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