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Passover Seder

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Will you share God’s message of deliverance in Eurasia?

The gospel is desperately needed in Eurasia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Over 4.5 million refugees have fled the warzone. Millions more across the region are suffering from decreased access to food and medical care, financial repercussions, anxiety, and loss.

As we answer the Great Commission, God’s call to continue His telling, Every Home teams are responding to this crisis with the love and truth of Jesus. In the wake of war, our brothers and sisters are bringing peace and practical help.

Thanks to generous contributions from several donors whose hearts are stirred by the suffering of the people in Eurasia, we are able to offer a $100,000 match. Every dollar you give toward sharing the love and truth of Jesus in Eurasia, up to $100,000, will be matched for a total of $200,000!

Send hope and practical help to people suffering in the wake of war.