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Free Items

Be inspired by stories of transformation and change while reading one of our Gospel Story mini-books, and start praying for the nations with the helpful guidance of one of our prayer map editions. These are available to order and ship to you free of charge to help inspire you and your family.

Talk with God

Prayer isn’t your last resort — it’s your best hope! By talking to God, you tap into his power to alter circumstances and transform lives. That’s why prayer is the starting point for everything. On your own, you can do nothing. But when you’re with the Lord, anything is possible. Things will happen when you pray that do not happen if you don’t.

Every Home Store

Every dollar after costs from purchases made in the Every Home online store go directly to helping take the truth and love of Jesus to every person on earth. Shop a full line of Every Home apparel and swag, get access to Every Home for Christ International President Dick Eastman’s latest book, “Talking with God”, and shop all the books in the Every Home archives.

Send the Gospel

While there are many good causes you could support, only one has eternal consequences: the gospel. There are places in the world where people still haven’t heard Jesus’ name — but you can change that. Your help is vital to making sure that every person has the chance to respond to Jesus’ love. By giving, you actively send the gospel to the ends of the earth, changing the world from right where you are.

Digital Tools

Equip yourself to share the gospel within your own communities, and utilize our digital prayer tools to lift up the work of local missionaries in countries around the world as they strive to share the gospel with everyone, everywhere.


Video Teaching

Everyone can share Jesus’ love—but fear holds many of us back. This series of training videos will help inspire and equip you to share Jesus’ love with clarity, joy, and confidence.

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The truth and love of Jesus is the hope of the world.

Every Home for Christ is inspiring and equipping local believers to share the gospel using whatever methods and approaches make sense in their respective contexts. This combination of connected local leaders and relevant methods lets us share the truth and love of Jesus with a lost and hurting world.