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A Brazil-Sized Dream

Equipping the Church to carry hope to a nation: support the Every Home team in Brazil today!

Transforming a Continent Through Congregations

Brazil. The fifth-largest nation. The seventh most populous. Home to the world’s largest rainforest and 322 distinct people groups. How do we carry the hope of Jesus to all and every in a place that big?

Places like Brazil put our vision and dedication to the test. And it’s in places like Brazil where the unique Every Home model of outreach shines brightest.

The only way to reach a nation as vast and diverse as Brazil is to equip local believers in every corner of the country to carry the hope of the gospel to their neighbors. The Church in Brazil is flourishing! It’s growing so quickly that training opportunities for pastors and church leaders can’t keep up.

That’s where you come in! Equipping a pastor at the Oikos Training Center empowers that pastor to train a congregation to reach a community. It costs just $250 to provide a full training to a pastor. A continent can be transformed one community and congregation at a time!

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