In a nation in Asia we can’t disclose for security reasons, carrying the gospel to remote villages is a long, tense process. First, courageous believers sneak Bibles over the borders. Then Every Home teams follow, braving wild rivers and almost nonexistent roads to reach remote and potentially hostile areas. It’s difficult and dangerous. Their heroism is quiet. But if we commit to reach everyone with the truth that Jesus loves them, there’s no place that’s too far or dangerous. Despite hostile governments, the ravages of war, and the scorn of their families and communities, Every Home teams go. You can equip them with the resources they need to reach everyone. 

our simple gift of gratitude for you

It is costly to reach people in Creative Access nations, and your gifts make all the difference. To thank you for giving through the form on this page, we’ll send you a set of printable gift tags for your Christmas gifts.

Will you send the gospel to people living in the most dangerous regions of the world?

$150 reaches up to 1,500 people with the hope of Jesus.

good news of great joy for all people

How wonderful it is to see someone coming over the hills to tell good news. How wonderful to hear him announce, “There is peace! We have been saved!”

— Isaiah 52:7 (ERV)

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