Veronica’s story is all too common. Her family is broken. The father of one of her children is in prison. She is alone, left with no options to support her children but surrender to a life of exploitation. Our team in Paraguay recently shared the love of Jesus with Veronica and gave her a Bible. They said, “This scenario seems bleak, but the light is turning on in her heart. The Word of God is in her hands and is working in her heart.” God’s Word is the turning point in Veronica’s life. Many factors make Bibles difficult to produce and share. Millions have never even seen one. Your gift of a Bible can “turn the light on” in someone’s life. 

our simple gift of gratitude for you

Words are powerful. God’s Word transforms lives. As a thank you for sending Bibles to someone like Veronica through the form on this page, we’ll send you a printable set of our Christmas Conversation Cards to inspire conversation about the things that really matter with your friends and loved ones this season.

Will you send the Word of God to someone?

$6.25 funds a Bible for Every Home teams to give to people who want God’s Word.

good news of great joy for all people

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

— Romans 10:17 (ESV)

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